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DEFINITION: Europrimer DTM is a 2K High Solids Primer Filler used for bodywork repair. Its anti-corrosive pigment content, chemical resistance and high adhesion ensure good isolating properties and the possibility to be applied directly on a wide variety of metallic surfaces, such as aluminum and steel. At the same time ensures its excellent levelling properties and is easy to sand. All these characteristics make Europrimer DTM a perfect base for achieving excellent results. Europrimer DTM is respectful to the environment due to its low VOC content. IPHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Nature: Acrylic 2k Color: White, Grey, Black Specific weight: 11.7 lb/gal 68ºF VOC: 2.11 lb/gal Primer 1.16 Ib/gal Hardener Primer  SUITABLE SURFACES: 2K High Solid Primer 4:1 mixing ratio. Comply with 2.1 VOC regulations. Easy to apply, short drying time and good quality finishing. Up to 70% of HS content. Achieves up to 2,0-2,3 mills per coat. Great insulating power to a wide variety of metallic surfaces. Anticorrosive properties. Superior levelling to guarantee an excellent sanding. Ready to sand in 3 hours @ 20°C. Start to sand at P320 and finish at P500 or P600 grit. TDS

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