Our History

We are two childhood friends with very different backgrounds, who found themselves an opportunity to become their own bosses and took it. As usual started from scratch working with friends and family and learning our way in the automotive paint industry, what we didn't have in experience we compensated with hard work and passion. 

It wasn't easy, but in a few years we gained our reputation among local body shops by providing excellent products at reasonable prices with simply the best customer service.

"We know that the secret to our success has been being with the customers at every step of the way"

Being responsible when we made mistakes and helping out our clients when sh*t hits the fan. It is very easy to just say "that's not our fault" but we rarely take the easy way out. What we do is build long term relationships by taking the bullet in some cases or sharing the fault, as a result, have been blessed with a strong, friendly and loyal customer base in our physical locations. 

So far we have 4 different locations in South Florida, and hopefully many more in the horizon.

This website however is our latest and more ambitious project, we want to be able to supply to the entire country through this channel.

We don't care if you are the owner of a well established body shop, or just a random guy with a project in his garage, we are confident to have the knowledge and products to help you succeed in your goals.

Please let us become part of your team, and succeed together in whatever project, business or dream you have in your hands.