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DESCRIPTION: The 3M Perfect-It Wool Compound Pad is 3M’s highest performing wool compounding pad. This 100% wool product aggressively removes clearcoat scratches with smooth, controlled rotary action. Run the pad on a rotary buffer/polisher and use it in combination with 3M Perfect-It EX Rubbing Compounds for a complete system that excels at sand scratch removal and correction.   USES: 3M Perfect-It products help paint shops save time and money by efficiently removing sand scratches from freshly painted surfaces. 3M designed the 3M Perfect-It Wool Compound Pad with 100% wool for your most aggressive scratch removal applications. Part of a highly efficient system for paint defect repair, the Perfect-It Wool Compound Pad is 3M's highest performing wool compounding pad, whether single or double-sided. Wool cuts faster than foam, and stays cooler by creating less friction and dissipating heat through the wool fibers. This makes it preferable for heat-sensitive areas of a car, boat, or plane, such as spoilers and bumpers.   FEATURES: Perfect-It series produces 3M's highest performing wool pad 100% wool pad is our most aggressive pad for scratch removal Refines P1200 and finer sand scratches and other paint surface defects Wool remains cooler than foam making it ideal for heat sensitive parts Fast cut removes heavy oxidation efficiently Wool glides across the surface in a controlled motion without jumping 3M Hookit Pad or Quick Connect Adaptor (both sold separately) provide fast, accurate attachment to rotary tools

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