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DESCRIPTION: 3M Static Mixing Nozzle is a cascade mix/meter nozzle for an easy squeeze of adhesive right on target. Our static mixing nozzle is engineered for use with 3M cartridges and manual or pneumatic applicators. USES: Our nozzles simplify the mixing process and make clean up easier because there are no mixing and stirring tools needing to be cleaned. To make cleanup even easier, the tubes are designed to be disposable. Simply throw away the tube and replace it with a clean one next time there is a project. FEATURES: A high performance static mixing nozzle for use with manual and pneumatic applicators. Nozzle efficiently mixes a variety of 3M two component adhesives, sealers and foams. Mixes two-part components to the ideal ratio. Disposable nozzles and tubes for easy cleanup, no mixing and stirring tools to clean. Nozzle may double as a storage cap.

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