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DESCRIPTION: 3M Panel Bonding Adhesive is a cost-effective two-part epoxy adhesive for bonding replacement body panels. From its fast, convenient cartridge system the adhesive seals and bonds steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP securely in a single operation. The result of years of development and testing, our 3M Panel Bonding Adhesive bonds and seals plastic and metal substrates including cold roll steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP (traditional fiberglass). It is ideal for bonding quarter panels, roofs skins, box sides, van sides, utility vehicle sides and door skins — anywhere that requires a lasting bond for outer body panels - as specified by OEM. Many interior or other adjacent parts that must be removed to avoid damage from welding can remain installed when bonding.    USES: Two-part panel bonding adhesive is available from 3M in cartridges from 50 mL to 400 mL, and works seamlessly with 3M manual applicator guns such as 08117 and the 3M pneumatic applicator gun 09930 for the 200ml cartridges. It applies quickly from the cartridge with no pre-mixing or measuring. The adhesive contains glass beads which reduces excessive squeeze-out and makes it easy to form consistent bondlines. A work time of up to two hours and the added heat-assisted on-demand curing allows for accurate application, squeeze-out sealing and cleanup. The bonding adhesive also has an excellent shelf life even after it's been opened, reducing the cost of replacing unused product.   FEATURES: Recommended by many OEMs Provides corrosion protection with lifetime warranty Room temperature curing (accelerated curing with heat) Can be weld bonded or rivet bonded within working time Adheres to a wide variety of properly prepared steel and aluminum substrates May be used on many plastic and composite substrates Glass bead technology protects against overclamping and maintains a minimum bond line thickness Has excellent shelf life opened or unopened, reducing unused product replacement costs

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