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DEFINITION: 2K Acrylic premium quality Sealer for car refinish. Specially formulated for wet on wet application. Excellent for new parts as well as to establish a uniform ground coat over repair areas before applying color. It can be also used as a surfacer on previously sanded surfaces. It can be applied over unsanded e-coat as well as an OEM finish. Compatible with most basecoat and single stage systems in the market, it has an excellent leveling and gloss hold out properties. Available in black, grey & white, these colors can be intermixed at established GreyCrom shade ratios to create a wide variety of color for optimum topcoat coverage. Also included on iCrom software. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Nature: Acrylic Color: Grey, Black & White Specific weight: 1,2 kg/l (20ºC) VOC: 510 g/l Mixing application without thinner (100:25:0 vol) 539 g/l Mixing application with thinner (100:25:10 vol) 585 g/l Mixing application with thinner (100:25:25 vol) SUITABLE SURFACES: Specially formulated as a wet on wet non sanding sealer Uniform color to achieve proper ground coat before applying any topcoat. Excellent gloss hold out properties. It can be applied over unsanded e-coat as well as an OEM finish. Available in three different shades which can be intermixed creating a wide spectrum of color for optimum topcoat coverage (Available on Greycrom chart. Shares P series hardener with Multifiller Express and Unix 150HS providing an excellent combination.     TDS

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